J9 Mobile

Permission Based Content Sales
  • Subscription packs on various topical events and info services based on activation requests from the customers
  • Inherent benefit to the customer in terms of saving costs and getting fixed number of alerts in a day, for a fixed cost
  • Hassle of frequent downloads at a normal download price is avoided
  • Immense value to the customer as it helps him/her to be in touch with the event at a cost which is not pocket heavy
  • Consumer has an array of services to choose from depending on his/her interest
Consolidation Building Contesting
  • 360° Reverse Auction platform - Platform agnostic reverse auction based contesting on Sms, voice and web with wap to follow. Lot of exciting products and formats to keep the participants glued in
  • Quiz Based Contests
Utility Based Services
  • Classified Platform
    - Sms and wap based
    - Advert search and upload possible through above interfaces
    - Unique and first of its kind in India
    - A giant step towards user generated platform
Mobile Marketing
  • Brand solutions
  • Enterprise solutions

J9 Shop

Home shopping vertical launched by J9 Ventures in September 2007 with a view to offer an experience to Dainik Jagran readers who hitherto did not have a first hand experience/feel to shopping, sitting at home. This is another first of sort in terms of reaching to the interiors of Hindi heartland. Customer has electronic gizmos & common household appliances to choose from for purchase. Unique proposition of J9 Shop are listed as under:

  • Home shopping vertical with electronic gizmos & household appliances on sale
  • Product request through Sms & telephonic call
  • Multiple & convenient payment options to choose from
  • 100% warranty & best value products
  • Strong logistics having capability to reach the innermost towns of Hindi heartland

We have tied up with Value Store for powering the business who have been in this business for a long time and are adept in handling customer issues. Our carrier vehicle, Dainik Jagran plays an important role in disseminating the product information to the readers. This initiative of ours has been extremely well received by the customers as they never had it so easy to order high quality consumer goods and receive them at their doorstep. This is amply supported by our robust sales figures. Many more initiatives are planned to take this vertical to newer heights and offer lots more to the customers in due course of time. We realize the increasing popularity of this service and expect excellent volumes in times to come.

Digital classified advertising platform, constituting web and mobile element. This platform enables user to both submit and search classified advertisements via Web, SMS and their WAP Mobile phones.

The ultimate goal of this platform is to provide consumers with power of freedom to upload and search digital classified advertisements from any location and deliver the functionality and relevance that inspires repeat usage of this platform. provides the digital platform for classified advertisement but doesn't directly participate in, nor is it involved in any classifieds transactions.

This is another step from J9 in offering value added service to the consumers by making it easy for them to upload & search what they want, in an environment that they are familiar with and at a price that is affordable. Functional website contains easy user interfaces and step by step instructions for uploading and searching, so that the customers do not have face any hindrance at any step.

Site boasts of multi-level filter definitions to make the search as specific as possible. This feature would surely go a long way in terms repeat visits and eventually becoming one of the most digital classified platforms.

Even through a mobile phone, search becomes easy through lot of relevant & easy to remember keywords which would guide the consumer to the end result in a user friendly manner. To start with, upload via mobile will be available only for mobile phone category which would eventually move on to other categories as well.

Please visit and you'll know what we mean!

Reverse auction based website initiative from J9 Ventures which would soon come to enthrall one and all. Winner will be one who places the lowest & unique bid for the product on bid. Exciting and personalized gizmos can be won online. After registering, bids can be bought online through secure gateway to start placing the bid. Bids can be either time bound or count bound.

We are sure, this concept of online gaming would catch up with our audiences in a major way and there would not be a single moment where the participant would feel bored. There would be exciting products on bid to sustain the interest levels and lot of interesting bid formats would be planned.

Pricing would be so attractive that it would tempt anyone to get into it. There would be lot of exciting participation modules which would retain the interest levels every time. We would have multiple bids running at the same time with a preset format, which is yet another step in retaining consumer interest.

Please visit to get hands on experience.

J9 Brandz

J9 is actively into brand/enterprise solutions wherein we provide range of services which are aimed at providing interactive solutions to enterprises or brands. Services range from a keyword activation on text to need based solution. Read on for options that would open window to a new world of possibilities.

  • An effective means to build database and utilize the same for lead generation, feedback etc.
  • Process would involve opening of a relevant keyword for the brand, Ex.: In case of a client XYZ, Sms XYZ to 57272
  • A detailed MIS to be provided which would have details up to market wise hits for getting a pulse of the market
  • Automated response will have a response control mechanism so that one can change the responses as per the need. For ex: Thanks for your interest in XYZ. Our customer care executive will soon call you. Our Nos. are 12345678-9
Suffix Support Shortcode
  • Next level of keyword offering
  • A dedicated short-code for the brand, i.e., brand gets to own a short-code exclusively. For ex.: 57272 (01) for XYZ
  • Brand can advertise it as their own short code and can do lead generation, interactive contests, feedback and can promote in all their communication messages
Push Services
  • Extremely useful reminder medium or announcement value medium for communicating with a dedicated database on a regular basis
  • Customized offer, announcement, reminder messages can be targeted towards the brand database. For ex.: All you XYZ aficionados can now avail 25% summer bonanza. So, rush to your nearest XYZ Store !
  • A delivery report will be provided along with the invoices
Branded Content
  • This would cover relevant category related branded content. For ex.: Health tips, Beauty tips etc.
  • For instance, XYZ can pick up Health tips and can promote the same on their packs, like - Sms HLT to 57272 to get health tips
  • This becomes a talking point for the brand from a relevance perspective
  • Brand can take the promotion to the desired level
Digital Content As Promotional Tools
  • Premium digital content such as wallpaper, theme, animation, picture message, polytone, truetone can be bought in bulk by a brand for promotion
  • For instance, Client ABC buys cool polytones in bulk and gives them as freebie with their 1.5 or 2 lt. bottle
  • Buying of digital content in bulk saves cost and helps the brand to synergize with value proposition
Contest Sponsorship
  • Contesting is an important product in J9 portfolio with mega contests & reverse auction based contest running almost the entire year
  • These said contests are always open for sponsorships wherein a service charge and gratifications are the key deliverables from any client
  • Gratifications are normally products which generally have a personal & an aspirational value to them
  • J9 provides visibility platform to the clients in the promotional initiatives undertaken for the contests including all editions of Dainik Jagran
Branded Contests
  • Exclusive branded contests can be offered to interested brands. For ex.: ABC MALAMAAL CONTEST
  • Promotional ads will be exclusive to the brand with branding elements incorporated
  • Gratifications are borne by the brand along with service charge
Micro Wap Site
  • Our WAP offering ( has lot of options for any brand to come in
  • One interesting offering is brand micro WAP site, wherein we can build 3-4 page brand site within J9 WAP site
  • Traffic on J9's WAP site will have a chance to gain knowledge on the products offered by the company
  • WAP route provides a chance to connect with people who use high end mobile VAS products other than regular SMS and are hence slightly more evolved
  • Product placements on the WAP site can be planned accordingly keeping in mind the WAP usage pattern
Advertising On Classified portal
  • We present our project 'KHOJLE.IN' as a mobile based classified platform with upload/search facility and WAP function integrated with a dedicated web based platform as well
  • Following could be the participation models:
    - Need based web banners - As & when a relevant category search is made, we can have category specific web banners on display
    - Advertising as classifieds - Classified adverts can be uploaded in case of any special offers by a dealer. For ex.: RD Cellcom, Kanpur wishes to sell ABC mobile model at a special offer price or bundled with some gadget
  • Sms shots/mailers - Gives a specific approach towards addressing a specific target group beyond demographic considerations
    - As & when a relevant category search is made by the browser through Sms, a targeted response message from a brand related to the category being browsed would be sent on his/her mobile phone regarding a great offer.
    - Specific need based targeting cannot get more specific than this
  • WAP module - will have a WAP based application wherein people can use their GPRS enabled handsets to search and upload adverts
    - As & when a relevant category search is made by the browser through WAP, relevant banner would be displayed
Advertising On
  • We present our project 'JEETLE.IN' as a web based reverse auction platform with exciting and interesting products to be taken home for as low as 1 paisa
  • We can offer as a white labeled product for our clients which will be powered by J9
  • Sponsorship links on product page which would take the participant to the client's home page or a customized page wherein the client can host his own reverse auction zone
  • Clients like Consumer Electronic Goods, Automobiles, Mobile Phones etc. can benefit from this kind of an exercise
Advertising On SMS
  • Info based (News, Railway PNR, Cricket updates, Exam results) & Leisure based (Jokes, Shayari, Relationship) content are available as advertising medium. For ex.: News brought to you by ABC
Sponsorship Of J9 SMS Content
  • Info based and Leisure based content can be branded
  • Extremely useful for content v/s. brand fit, for FMCG brands which work on top of mind recall
  • Ex.: ABC News, XYZ Jokes
Advertising On Wap
  • WAP Banners on our WAP site is available for advertising
Sponsorship On Wap
  • Content on WAP like trutones, polytones, news, wallpapers etc. are available for sponsorship
  • Relevant brand fits can be looked at in this kind of advertising
  • Ex.: Ringtone section sponsored by XYZ, wherein we can give a link to XYZ's WAP site